Four main signs of a fracture of a bone: swelling, a pain, limiting of movements and hypersensitivity (a fracture place painfully to touch even with a setpin). First aid at customary fractures, stretchings, dislocations can be marked out in abbreviated form as

LSPP: ice, a squeeze, a heaving and a support. All these standards will decelerate a bleeding and will accelerate recuperation. Hold down to a place of a fracture a blister with ice not less than on

20 minutes Densely, but without pinching, tack an elastic roller to damaged and, was possiblly, to the broken knuckle. The leg needs to be hoisted approximately on 15 sm (to suppose on a pillow), and an arm — To maintain on perevjazi, preventing motions and having ensured it rest. If you suspect a fracture, fix finiteness fixed and bring the child to hospital.

Fracture at babies

Harmless fractures of the long bones of legs can happen at children when they learn to walk. If your child limps, was possiblly, at it such fracture; it is desirable to diminish a load by a sick leg. Children limp often within several hours after slope, and not fracture, and primely scelalgia or a setpin bruise can be the parent of it. If the lameness does not transit in a day, the doctor should inspect the kid to be convinced that it not a fracture and not cultivation of a pin of a hip.

Elbow dislocation

The child during a play or while he tries to be wrenched at the adult holding it by the hand, can have a bone an ulnar knuckle. In an emergency station such dislocation usually eliminate, without having caused the kid of a severe pain.

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Beginning to walk babies are quite often hit by two incisive tooths (about table edge etc.). More often the cogs displaced thus back are unbent and withstand and following slopes — Until a second teeth (in 5 years) will grow. If the child has damaged gums, apply a blister with ice that they swelled less. If gums bleed, wet in cold water a tobacco cloth, suppose it between labiums and gums and hold down. If the immediate help is necessary, call the dentist. At deep offset of cogs their roots can be damaged; signs of such cultivation — Blackening and cog shaking. In this case cog lifetime will contract, the help of the dentist is necessary. In 3-7 days at the site of injury there can be an abscess (when the gum swells). If the cog has very strongly suffered and is hardly held down, was possiblly, the doctor will discover necessary immediately to delete it that the child has not choked with it in the sleep. A backed out milk teeth cannot be implanted. If the cog was broke, having abandoned knife edges, the doctor can fill a tooth. A second teeth, vice-versa, can be implanted, but for this purpose it is necessary to observe certain conditions. Hoist a cog for a top hamper (not for a root!).

If a cog very dirty, carefully flush its water, dip in a saliva of the child in a sealed package and send to the dentist. Do not wash out the damaged or backed out cog with a soap as it can damage its roots and eliminate an implantation capability.

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Two problems are connected to a puncture of hexapods: a taint in a place of a puncture and an allergic response on the poison which has fallen in a skin.

Sting excision

The bee abandons in a wound a sting with the saccule attached to it with a poison. Scratch out something acute (a knife or credit card edge) a strict saccule with a poison before excision of a remaining part of a sting. (Having tried to contract a saccule by means of a forceps, you will inject more poison into a skin.) the sting of a wasp is not supplied by such saccule with a poison. After excision by a forceps of a remainder of a sting apply on a place of a puncture ice — It will decelerate propagation of a poison and will diminish a pain.

Allergic responses

Allergic response signs — These are the swelled arms and eyelids, a goose breathing, a rash, as from a nettle butterfly. If your child round a puncture place had a swelling, apply ice and wait a little before to ring to the doctor. The allergic response can begin within 1 h after a puncture. If allergy signs it is available (most typical of them — The whistling or impeded breath), immediately bring the child to your doctor or to emergency medical care point.

At a repeated puncture the allergic response can be stronger, than maiden. If at a puncture at your child are displayed any of the characters featured above, use wise caution: immediately apply on a place of a puncture a blister with ice and bring the kid to a cabinet of the maiden medical aid. If in 2 h no characters of an allergic response do occur, can depart easy home.

If at your child a heavy allergy to punctures of hexapods, consider with the doctor what to make and how to abirritate the child in case of a puncture. Departing to travelling with the kid, capture a means from punctures of the hexapods, including andrenalin and the operating instruction on its application.

Excision of ticks

As ticks can tolerate miscellaneous illnesses, and also germs, peccant Lima (see with. 700), it is necessary carefully and to delete the stuck parasite completely. Here is how it to make:

Flush a place of a puncture a cotton plug impregnated with an alcoholic fluid.

Using a forceps with blunt ends, capture the tick as it is possible more close to a horsehead and to a skin of the child.

Carefully drag the tick, without compressing it and without tightening up a forceps.

Do not try to drag the tick setpins as its horsehead can be torn apart and remain in a skin.

Do not apply heat from a match or the fired cigarette to excision of the tick — Thus he can stick into a skin even more penetrating.

If the horsehead of the tick remained in a skin: (1) By means of index and major setpins delay a skin in a place where the horsehead of the tick has stuck. (2) scalpel or prosterilizovannsh a blade cutting edge carefully soskrebite a skin stratum in which one there was a horsehead of the tick, or extract it, using a sterile needle.

If illness Lima is spread in your region, bring the tick to lab to validate, a leah is not present in it germs, capable to cause this illness.

Though ticks bite often children, illness Lima originates rarely enough.

Flush a place of a puncture an antiseptic.

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While the kid grows, will be both slopes, and bloomed noses … Fortunately, more often for the child and his nose it transits without any serious consequences. The nose to be as though specially framed by the nature the buffer that at shock by the person about a floor the head was not damaged. Being hit about a firm surface, the nose is flattened, as fragile nasal bones crinkle. If your child has bloomed a nose, do following routines:

Apply a blister with ice on a nose of the child, carefully pushing the swelled places from each side, hardly below a bridge.

Abandon ice as it is possible more longly — How much the child (but will withstand not less than 20 mines). The more likely you apply chill after an injury and will hold down it more longly, the the nose less will swell.

That the blood from a nose did not fall on a throat rear side, the child should be in a standing position, a few having bent down forward.

When medical aid is indispensable

The bloomed noses even broken, in the core heal in 2 weeks without any cosmetic flaws or the functional cultivations. However in two events it is necessary to be converted to the doctor: if the nose has been contracted on one side and remains in such standing or when flotation ability of respiratory tracts is upset. To validate, a leah can breathe the child normally, at a shut mouth suppress in turn a setpin each nare; it can be made, when the kid sleeps. If there is a cosmetic flaw or function violation (a warpage of a nose or a nasal baffle), be converted to the doctor. Usually he advises to wait for 1-2 weeks, to look, a leah will be unbent a warpage self-contained, then will inspect the kid repeated and will recommend the applicable maintenance. The medical intervention is required from babies rarely.

Bleedings from a nose

«What setpin you pick in a nose?» — I set often such problem to children (if to ask: a leah «you Pick in a nose?», in the answer, of course, will sound: "is not present"). A bleeding from a nose if pokovyrjat in it a setpin, often originates when its mucosa is inflamed.

The central heating exsiccates air that leads to a tissue boring in a nasal chamber and causes more frequent bleedings from a nose in the winter. The vaporizer in a children’s bedroom during a heating season diminishes a capability of such bleedings. As soon as in a nose the crust will be organised, in it instantaneously there is also a small finger if it knocks over such crust, there can be a small bleeding.

Here some advice how to shut down a bleeding from a nose:

Put the child to itself on knees, a few having tilted forward.

Suppress its nares not less than for 20 minutes Nasal bleedings originate at cultivation of tanks to a nasal cartilage (a nasal baffle). At their blowing-down of the best effect it is possible to achieve if to inject into a nare wad blob so that 2/3 nares remained free, and densely to press to a nasal cartilage, having pinched its tanks.

If the bleeding was not shut down, try to attack the principal tank furnishing a nose by a blood. It is under nares — In a place where the labrum is bridged to gums. Suppose a wad from wet wad and press two or one setpin on a labrum in the pointed place.

It is better, if the child stands, that the blood has not got in a throat and has not caused a sneezing or vomiting (in this case the blood splashes organised in a nose can be torn apart and the bleeding will continue).

Track, that the mouth of the kid was unclosed (then the sneezing or tussis will not do much harm to a nose). Was possiblly, for an example you too should stay with an open mouth.

At bleeding blowing-down abandon at some o’clock a wad scrap in a nare that the crust was organised of the contracted blood. After that carefully pull out wad (if needed wet with its water), try not to damage a crust not to cause a repeated bleeding. At children is higher wad it is possible to abandon on more long time, without being afraid that the child will start to choke.

If these standards do not help to shut down a bleeding, haul the child to your doctor or in emergency aid point.

To disaccustom the child to pick a setpin in a nose, shortly cut to it fingernails, use a damper in a room of the kid.

Be specially close, if at the child an allergy to miscellaneous odours.

The subjects which have stuck in a nose

Children not only pick often in a nose a setpin, but also consider as its ideal place for zasovyvanija miscellaneous small subjects. That only I had not to pull out from children’s spouts for many long years experts! Most often there were pods, peas, wad slices, small stones. Surprisingly, but children rarely complain of a foreign body in a nose. For you such cue appearance of reeking green or yellow separation from one nare of the child (ministers at cold selection the diverse — They occur from both nares and have no off-flavour). To extract a foreign body from a nose of the child, try to do the following:

If you see this subject, try to pull out it by means of a forceps with blunt ends. (Before to initiate with this routine, you should arrive the same as at visual inspection: to swaddle the kid or to someone to retain his hands.)

If the foreign body is more penetrating, suppress the free nare and ask the child vysmorkatsja at a shut mouth, there can be it and at chihani.

If the subject is diluted in water (for example, a sweet chunk), lead out the child to a shower and try to direct a flush. It is possible to inject into a nose any salt brine from an aerosol container to emolliate a subject and to diminish its sizes.

If you do not manage to delete a subject by means of enumerated above standards, bring the child to the doctor or to emergency aid point where it will make, having applied special purpose tools. Do not permit the kid to lie on a back or to sleep with a foreign body in a nose — The child can inhale it in lungs.

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Eyes are very sensitive to various stimuli, but they promptly recover at the applicable maintenance. Usually children oppose to any invasion into their eyes, screwing up them or starting to rub, than enlarge a boring even more. — That it did not happen, before visual inspection of eyes or their lavage wrap the child with arms in a major towel, a blanket or a sheet (look operating instructions on swaddling on with. 108).

Lavage of eyes of the child

To delete irritant matter from eyes of the child, it is better if two persons participate in their lavage: one holds down the kid, another — Flushes away. Carefully delay a lower eyelid, coaxing the child to unclose eyes as it is possible more widely, and flush an eye a trickle of warm water from a pitcher within 15 minutes Turn a head of the child so that water refluxed on a towel. If the kid has blinked, softly delay its lower eyelid or by means of an index finger on an upper eyelid (under a brow), and a thumb on lower open an eye.

After a lavage be converted behind advice to the doctor. Some pyretics can gall a cornea and spread a taint, therefore the salve containing antibiotics can be necessary for you. The pain from a score or a boring can remain even days. Yield the child atsetaminofen and make everything that the doctor will advise.

Application of ocular drugs

Ocular drugs are divided into two types: salves and drips. Drips to apply easier but if the eye is inflamed, they can cause a burning sensation. Salves demand more caution in circulation and larger art as you need to be picked up to an eye as it is possible more close.

If nobody can help to inject to you a drug into eyes of the kid, it is necessary to swaddle the child how has been told above. If you can fulfil this routine together, one of you let retains arms of the kid and him. Operation and more for one assistant will be — It can hold down fixed a head of the child. Then, most likely, nothing will hinder to haul a drug to destination. The the child is higher, the is more difficult to retain it; with neonatal simply enough to be controlled and to one person. Suppose the child on the soft surface (a sofa, a bed, a carpet) and sit nearby. Having bent down to it, one arm hold down a drug, another — Delay a lower eyelid and instill a drug or extrude a salve endways from that package in which one you have gained them.

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Cramps (convulsion) are caused by cultivation of a brain and shock both children, and their parents They very miscellaneous: from bounces of separate muscles to the cramps of all skew field termed major epileptic as an attack (the patient falls to the ground, writhes in cramps, at it eyes are rolled up, there is a foam from a mouth, tongue biting and a temporary loss of consciousness are possible). The Primal problem during cramps at the child — To make so that its tongue or separation of a mouth have not superimposed respiratory tracts, having deprived an oxygen brain. In infantile age of a cramp in the core are a consequence of a heat. These attacks short, self-restricted and rarely harm the child, however parents haul major disturbances. At originating of cramps at the kid do the following:

Lay down the child on a flap in safe place the person downwards or sideways that tongue was advanced, and separation poured out from a mouth by gravity.

Do not try to retain the child from cramps, do not lay to it in a mouth any nutriment during an attack or it is direct after it.

If labiums of the child have not turned blue and he breathes normally, means, that’s OK, be not stirred.

If labiums of the child of a steel of cyan bloom or he does not breathe (though an ego is improbable), make to it an artificial respiration of companies in a mouth, after strip respiratory tracts (see with. 714)

That the child was not hit about furniture, immediately strip secure room.

After cramps the kid can be diped in a deep sleep. Small children more often in some minutes after maiden have a second attack, specially if this consequence of temperature For the warning of a repeated attack, inject to the child atsetaminofenovuju a candle (the drugs inducted through a mouth, can cause vomiting). Take off from the child clothing and rub off its towel impregnated with cold water (how to struggle with temperature, sm on with. 653).

More reasonably to send the kid in hospital, and also to call your doctor right after an attack. Or (depending on condition) you can begin the same continuance of observation, as at head cultivation. The observation continuance can be pertinent, if to an attack the child was healthy, then after a short attack the fever has unexpectedly begun, and at the moment the kid again seems healthy. Check body temperature then it will be possible to wait some hours, instead of to ring to the doctor or to run in hospital at 3 o’clock in the morning. But any cramps connected to a fever, demand an immediate medical intervention Before to drive the child in hospital, it is necessary (by means of drugs and skew field chilling) to arrange against a fever, the hook-back as the rise of temperature can cause cramps on the way to hospital.


The neighbourhood of the 9-month’s kid with a cup of hot coffee almost always terminates a combustion at the child. The level or its depth are spotted by how much it causes a severe pain and the skin the Combustion of I level is how much attacked thus (for example, from sun rays) causes an erubescence, not so painfull. For treatment of such combustion are necessary only cold water abirritating a salve and a time. The combustion of II level causes swellings and blisters, it is very painfull. At a combustion of III level deep stratums of a skin are damaged and in it there are the most spoiling changes.

What to make at combustions

If the child has burnt, do the following:

Immediately seat the charred part of a skew field in cold water not less than for 20 minutes It will chill a skin and will diminish a pain and cultivations. Do not apply ice which one can damage the injured tissues. At a burn on the face use the towel wetted in cold water or hold down the person under a flush. Do not oil a combustion, fat, do not powder any dust.

If on the child the clothing burns, bring down a flame a towel, a blanket or characteristic clothing

Promptly delete the clothing which has scorched or impregnated with a hot fluid, but be careful — Do not touch a child’s face when pull down from it a jacket through a head, it is better to slit clothing.

Value gravity of a combustion. If the skin has simply reddened and on it there are no blisters take the charred place in cold water so much, how much vterpit the child.

If the skin has turned white, on it there were blisters or it was carbonized, apply a preservative salve and nakroite a wound pure, freely superjacent tissue or make nedavjashchuju. Call your doctor or take to hospital the child.

Yield suffered atsetaminofen

Treating combustions, you relieve a pain, notify hit of a taint and formation of cicatrixes, contractures (abbreviation of the charred tissue during recuperation). Fulfil advice of your doctor. In the core child care with combustions includes following daily routines.

Lavage. Strip a combustion place under streaming warm water izpod the easel and blot it dry by means of a pure towel. The flush deletes germs and the died tissues.

Application of a flint from combustions. Coat a place of a combustion with a flint which one the doctor (has registered a flint from combustions — Speed key of various antibiotics). Flint application will accelerate recuperation and will prevent taint hit.

Coat of a place of a combustion. The doctor will instruct you, a leah it is necessary to coat a combustion place only with a flint or a cotton plug over which one apply a bandage.

Extension. If the combustion affects districts which one are permanently incurvated (for example, palms of arms or knuckles of setpins), train extension the suffered place on a minute at least 10 times a day (for contracture preventing).

Handling. In order to avoid a becoming infected of a wound the doctor can advise to shear to you the charred tissues some times during recuperation and to instruct you, how to make this routine, it as is simple, as well as cutting off of fingernails. Do not uncover blisters if only your doctor has not advised you of it. At a snug maintenance the charred skin of the child heals perfectly, without scars provided that the combustion was not deep or very vast.

Combustions an electric current

Action by an electric current can not only cause more skin serious damages, than, for example, scalding, but also to affect cardiac performance and even to lead to severe casualty when will be necessary immediate medical aid and standards on resuscitation. The child putting the pin in the empty cartridge from a valve, can gain not only a combustion, but also strongly to be frightened.

Corrosive burns (from acids and alkalis)

Dip a striked section on 20 mines in cold water. Take off the clothing of the child impregnated with knocking matter, but be careful — Do not spread a stimulus to other districts of a skew field (for example, do not pull down a T-shirt through a head of the child). It is possible to scissor clothing. Flush a striked section with a soap, but do not rub a skin aggressively as it can lead to that even more knocking matter will be imbibed in a skin. If the child has inhaled or has swallowed any dangerous substance, immediately ring in first aid and yield the child the antipoison recommended on package of this matter, or cause to drink a water considerable quantity. If matter has got to the child in eyes, wash out them during 20 mines under a flush (the specification statement of various cultivations of eyes see on with. 727).


If the skin only has a little reddened also the child feels normally any interference it is not necessary. In more severe events try to do the following:

If the skin very red and the child cries, dip the charred section in cold water or apply on it the towel impregnated with water on 15 mines 4 times a day. Abandon a skin of moist that water, being volatilised, cooled it.

Some times in day apply loson on not alcoholic bottom (for example, an aloe).

If the skin was coated with blisters, ask for the doctor the prescription on abirritating flint, consider it as a combustion of II level and follow the operating instructions featured by us above.

Yield the child atsetaminofen.

Protection of your child against the sun

The thin skin of the child and the summer sun are incompatible. Except sunblisters, at excessive abiding on the sun in the childhood the hazard of appearance of a skin cancer in mature age is allowed. Methods of protection of the child from sunblisters are more low given:

Sun rays are most active from 10 o’clock till 15 o’clock. Therefore it is better to come with the kid on a beach to more later time.

Mount the child a jacket with long sleeves and a hat with wide fields.

On a beach the kid should remain under an umbrella (tent).

Do not forget about the insolation, reflected from white sand. Hold down the child in a secure place from this reflex.

Measures of protection from the sun

Use loson or gel on a milk bottom for protection against the sun, but not a fluid on an alcoholic bottom which one can cause a combustion on a children’s tender skin. For plays in water use a water-resistant sun-protection flint, superimpose it generously on a skin of the child after each several bathing. For special sensitive places (a nose, dogs, ears) use a defensive flint.

Some children are very sensitive to RAVA — To active ingredient of many sun-protection flints. To spot, a leah approaches the yielded flint to your child, superimpose it a little on the limited district of an arm before to lubricate to all of them a skew field. Anyway flint application is not recommended for children at the age of less than 6 months.

Eyes of the kid should remain in the shadow. Eyes of the child more, than at adults, are sensitive to insolation and consequently need protection. Specialists on eye diseases consider that application of toy sun glasses does larger injury, than their lack. Such points simply dim environmental room in this connection pupils of the kid extend, so, in an eye penetrates more than dangerous rays. Good sun glasses are supplied by a label: «100 %-s’ protection against ultraviolet rays», but they cost expensive and for the small children do not approach. For babies the best protection are a hat with wide fields and a pair of careful adult eyes which one hold down the child far away from dangerous action of light reflected from white sand, snow or other bright surface.


Terribly sounding word "venenating" includes following concepts: the child has touched a toxicant, has inhaled or has swallowed its any amount therefore there can be various cultivations and even threat for life. Many poisons are capable to cause only short-term disorder of an intestine, while others — To cause major damages to lungs and intestine tissues; besides, there are some lethal poisons. (For venenating preventing read advice on security measures on with. 597-603 both the information on poisonous plants and the matters applied in a household activities on with. 613-617).

What to make in case of a venenating

If the child has swallowed a toxicant, immediately call in domestic centre on a control with venenatings or in your hospital. Following problems will ask to answer you:

Title and composition of matter which one was swallowed by the child

Time of a venenating and approximate amount of the swallowed matter

Age and weight of the child

Symptoms: tussis, vomiting, changes in behaviour of the child etc.

The number of your earphone

How to cause vomiting in the child

If to you have advised to cause in the child vomiting, do the following:

Yield 1 table spoon (3 teaspoons) Ipecacuanha syrup (vomitive root), having diluted it in 240 ml of water or not gassy fruit juice. Deliver near to the child a major foot bath or deduce it in a bathroom.

For boost of activity of a vomitive root some minutes shake the child in a lap.

If through 20 mines vomiting does not begin, iterate a syrup dose.

When at the child vomiting begins, suppose his face downwards, having lowered a head over a foot bath (that then the doctor could validate, a leah is a poison in vomitive masses).

Watch of the child throughout 1-2 h after vomiting — Leah there were at it venenating signs.

Without having consulted with specialists, do not cause in the child vomiting as at a venenating with some matters of it it is not necessary to make or it is dangerous, as at vomiting they can damage lungs and an esophagus even more strongly. At centre on venenatings to you will advise, what antipoison to apply (usually it is some glassfuls of water or a milk glassful).

If to you have not yielded other advice, do not cause vomiting in the child who has swallowed following matters:

Yields on an oil bottom: benzine, kerosene, turpentine

Polyrole just for decoration or machines

Pyretics — Such, as alkalis, strong acids

Fining agents (whiteners, ammonia, fluids for cleaning of W.C.s)

If the kid has intoxicated drugs (almost any) or poisonous plants, it is possible to cause vomiting.

Venenatings at aspiration of poisons

Lacquer (including for fingernails), a fluid for lacquer excision, adhesive, the matters containing acetone, can be toxicant for lungs, buds and a brain of the kid. To save it from a venenating, use these matters only in well aerated rooms where there is no child. If he has inhaled poisonous fumes, as soon as possible go out of doors with it and if it has a heavy tussis or flabbiness, be immediately converted behind medical aid.

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Undoubtedly, you yet time will start, as from a thunder, having heard a sound, frequent when the child learns to walk, — By contact a head about a floor. A slubs and bleedings at the kid — The frequent parent of bell-buttons to the doctor and more one evidence of huge odds between skull and brain cultivation. The skull is leathered with a considerable quantity of tanks and is as though a safety helmet for a brain. In the slope core involve only cultivations of a skin of a skull — These are the strong bleedings at a cut and a major slubs if tanks under a skin are damaged. Be not stirred, seeing, as such knob grows endways in the face of. So promptly it also casts under the influence of ice.

Main point at shock of the child on a head (or a head): a leah the brain is damaged? Such cultivation can be displayed in two forms: a bleeding and percussion. When small veins are ruptured, there is a hemorrhage which is treading out on a brain. Besides, at shock can happen a concussion, as though "vstrjasennogo" slope. The pression rendered on a brain by an internal bleeding or appearance of a slubs, associates with percussion; it like its exterior cue.

Signs of cultivation of a brain

If your child after a head injury had these signs, call the doctor or bring the kid to hospital:

Misorientation, arduously wakes up

Unusual breath during a sleep

Squint, pupils of miscellaneous sizes

Incessant vomiting

The strong pallor

Selection from ears of a blood or other fluid


The imbalance when the kid sits, creeps or walks

ATTENTION! Do not admit cultivation of a healing wound on a head. For example, a fingernail it is possible to break incidentally a crust coating a wound, and to skid under a skin a taint.

If there is something similar, immediately inform on it the doctor.

What to search and when to be stirred

If the child without consciousness, but breathes also its skin does not lose pink bloom (there is no blue painting of labiums), lay down it on an even surface and cause first aid. If you have a parent to suspect neck cultivation, do not roam the child — Let it will occupy specially prepared physicians. If the child does not breathe, apply a set of measures on resuscitation (see with. 714) and if at it a cramp, validate a state of respiratory tracts (a standard at convulsions are considered on with. 722).

Sometimes the child, inclined to anger attacks (up to slope), can have an attack which one insecurely estimate as a convulsion (cramp). Such scene will necessarily alarm parents, and the child will urgently send in hospital. Even if it will appear, it was optional what to make it, is better to arrive so of security reasons. I always say to the patients that in case of doubt it is necessary to bring the child to hospital.

Observation continuance

If after slope the child does not faint, walks, speaks and plays, as well as to it, apply ice on a cut or a knob approximately on 20 mines and watch of the kid, there will not arrive yet the doctor.

Routinely doctor is interested in how the child after slope, than slope behaves more.

It is connected by that signs of cultivation of a brain can occur at once or within 24 h after slope. Having observed the kid some time, you depending on a state of the child solve, a leah it is necessary to be converted to the doctor.

However more than to exterior signs, it is necessary to trust the interior voice as which one I term as a maternal instinct. I have learnt to trust it in the same measure, as the most sensitive electronics. If this voice dictates to you that something not so, call the doctor: tell about a state of the child, will ask for suggestions, explain that you confuses. Signs to which one it is necessary to pay attention within 24 h after slope of the child are more low reduced.

Changes in behaviour of the child when he sleeps

Children usually fall asleep after an injury in this connection advice «to track change of consciousness of the child» brings major trouble to parents. If head cultivation has happened in close to a day time or night sleep a time, is difficult to perceive, is drowsiness of the child a consequence of an injury or it simply by force of habit drives in a sleep and consequently happens it is impossible to follow other advice: «do not allow the child to fall asleep». Let the kid falls asleep, but you should wake up in each 2 h and inspect it. Following signs are disturbing:

Discoloration of a skin from pink to acyanotic or (even worse) to the blue

Changes in breath: continuances of very ebb breath, 1020-second its blowing-downs, the irregular breath or the moments when the child starts to choke (remember that for the newborn continuances of the irregular breath are standard)

Bounces of extremities

If both skin colour of the child, and its breath were not modified also you instinctively do not feel any hazard, can not awake the kid, except for an event when the doctor has advised to make it. The deep sleep after an injury is almost always tracked by ebb, irregular breath that you did not watch earlier.

However if you are not assured that that’s OK or the state of the child fills you with misgivings, try the fractional arousing: hoist the child on legs or put it, and then suppose inversely. Usually the child makes hum and starts to potter in a bed. If the kid does not make it, try to wake him completely, having put or having delivered on legs, having unclosed his eyes, terming by name. If he has woken up, looks at you, shouts or smiles and pushes away you that him did not trouble, can put it to bed and without disturbance too to depart to sleep. But if the child does not protest, has insufficiently woken up to cry, acyanotic, at it the irregular breath, copious salivation or are watched signs of cultivation of the brain, featured on with. 720, immediately cause first aid.

Disbalances and coordinations

In the afternoon easily to note signs of cultivation of a brain. Compare customary behaviour of the child during a play and after slope. If he, as usual, endways sits, easly walks, normally propells arms and legs, means, that’s OK. And can, it reels, at it equal balance is upset, it hardly hoists arms and legs and becomes more and more disoriented? A leah you have noted any changes in how the child after slope sits or creeps, works with arms. If yes, be urgently converted behind medical aid.


One children fall asleep after a head injury, others have a vomiting. More often it is provoked by experiences, a pain after slope and promptly transits. But if vomiting is prolonged within 6-24 h — It is an alarming sign. Immediately call the doctor. In the form of precaution yield the child within several hours only a fluid.

Signs, appreciable by eyes

Eyes — The mirror reflective that happens at us inside, and specially — In a brain. The eye rear is close connected to a brain and at visual inspection allows to make the inference about changes in it after slope. Signs, appreciable by eyes of the child, it is more difficult to value, than remaining, but they it is better than others demonstrate, when it is necessary to call the doctor. This squint and an anisocoria — Pupils of a miscellaneous size. If the child starts to peer with an effort at subjects, it is an index of weakening of sight. Children are higher complain of second ploughing of subjects or that they are visible as in a fog.

Some words in protection of blisters with ice

Children quite often protest against on the injured place applied chill. Nevertheless it relieves a pain, diminishes a bleeding and a swelling. However, not to cause obmorozhenie tissues, do not apply ice on a bare skin. It is possible to purchase packages with ice which one does not leak, and to hold down them in the house first aid kit or to prepare ice, having supposed ice cubes in a sock or a nose-rag. If you use a plastic packet, envelop its any tissue and crumb ice in the gained package to attach it more friend form. You can wrap ice in a tissue, clothing of any doll and as a result gain a good means both from a slubs and ecchymoses, and for mollification of the child to demoralised by an injury. Hold down a blister with ice to a sore point on 20 mines, gradually enlarging pression. Permit the kid to help to you to hold package with ice. The suction of slices of congealed juice will help at the broken down and swelled labiums.

The information on a X-ray inspection

Except for severe damages and obvious fractures, the skull X-ray inspection at all is not indispensable and is completely not obligatory to trail for this playing child in hospital. When the observation continuance will conclude, be advised with the doctor, a leah this probe is necessary for the child. Recently it is exchanged even more often by a computer tomography which one yields much more information (for example, a leah is a bleeding or a swelling in a brain). And more remember, the child impinges often enough and more time and again will be hit by a head about a floor, but brain cultivations happen very rarely.

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Parents need to know what to make for blowing-down of a bleeding at the child. On small cuts usually apply a bandage. The strong bleeding needs to try to be shut down immediately, it can save life to your child.

The strong bleedings

Pression application. Hold down slices of a tobacco cloth or a nose-rag to a bleeding place for 2 minutes Then if it is is possible, take a cut place under cold water from under the easel and value, how much it is severe. The most packed with tanks skew field districts (for example, a head skin) copiously bleed even at small ranke. Such bleedings shut down by means of a compressing bandage and superimposing of the salve containing antibiotics. Force of a bleeding depends on what type of a tank is damaged. If the small vein is rubed, the blood can bleed and be shut down simply through 2-3 mines after compressing bandage superimposing (if to take a cut place under cold water). If the groundwater artery is cut, the blood will spirt; for bleeding blowing-down it is required not less than 10 mines of constant pression on a wound. If it is is possible, note time. Then make a compressing bandage at least on 20 mines after that inspect a place of a cut and be converted behind medical aid.

Compressing bandage manufacture. If the bleeding is stronger, than a small trickle of a blood, it is necessary to attack a place of a cut pression not less than 10 minutes without removing the tobacco cloth which has soaked with a blood (taking out this stratum of a tobacco cloth, you can break the baked clot and again to cause a bleeding), superimpose atop a new tobacco cloth. To save pression in a cut place, densely enough wrap stratums of a tobacco cloth bandage.

Abirritate the child. If the child is excited, the blood leaks more strongly. Remain also quiet, behave in arms.

The correct standing. Lay down the child so that the cut place has appeared above the level hearts (for example, having hoisted his hand).

Be converted behind the help. Call the doctor or haul the child in first-aid dispensary, specially if you cannot shut down a bleeding.

Small cuts

Usually it is possible to manage small cuts at home.

Are held down easy. Kids are usually frightened at the sight of a blood. If also you start to panic, most likely, the child will get agitated even more and the bleeding at it will be boosted.

Rinse a section place. Take bleeding ranku some minutes under cold water from under the easel, simultaneously abirritating the kid: «All will be good». Store: the blood is better flushed away from a skin and hair by cold water, instead of hot. Also do not forget Emplastrum.

Daily maintenance. Both at maiden, and at the subsequent daily bathing of the wound water izpod the easel the blood splashes, the died tissues and germs are deleted, the entering capability in ranku taints as a result. Blot a cut dry a pure tobacco cloth. Depending on layout and a type of a cut the doctor can advise to flush away to you an organised crust 2 times a day by means of hydrogen dioxide, having wetted with it a cotton scrap. Superimpose a salve containing antibiotics; make a leese according to operating instructions of the doctor.

Application of sterile Emplastrum

Following subjects will be necessary for you: Emplastrum in breadth of 6 mm, a wad from wad, infusion of a benzoin and the clippers.

1. Flush a wound and sew its gauze napkin.

2. Chop a scrap of Emplastrum in length of 15-20 mm.

3. A cotton plug wetted in infusion of a benzoin, outline round a wound, without touching it (will crop differently).

4. Bring together wound edges together. If 3 strias of Emplastrum are necessary, paste maiden on centre that it retained wound edges together, and others — On the sides from it.

At a small cut there are enough 2 slices of Emplastrum.

Convergence on junctures

Leah it is necessary to put in stitches on cuts? Junctures accelerate a wound repair and diminishes a capability of infiltration of a taint, and also diminish scar sizes. If a wound lacerated or a cut deep (more deeply superjacent stratums are visible), it is necessary to superimpose junctures.

As already it has been told above, cuts on a head cause very strong bleeding; having shut down it, you are surprised, the cut is how much small. So the copious bleeding which has frightened you contributes in wound refinement, and it heals quickly enough; wounds on a head rarely minister a source of infection. From these reasons, and also taking into account cosmetic effect routinely junctures on such wounds do not superimpose.

There is one more place where the bleeding happens very strong, but the wound promptly heals — It is the part of a tissue bridging the upper gums with labiums (a so-called bridle). If, having fallen, the kid is hit by the person, in this place there can be a cultivation with a bleeding. Junctures on a bridle superimpose rarely. It is enough to apply a following method: the tobacco cloth wetted with cold water, strongly hold down to this place.

Small wounds with ragged edges can be pasted strias of sterile Emplastrum. The specialists rendering the maiden medical aid, or your doctor will help to solve, a leah suture is necessary, — Be converted to them. Parents on process. If your child needs to superimpose junctures, remain with it at this time to abirritate him. Explain to the kid that to it will make and what for; do not say that to it it will not be sick, if will be. Such falsehood will spawn mistrust of the child.

How to diminish scars. The majority of scars remain not because of suture, and because of irregular care of a wound. Try to follow following indicatings:

Follow advice of the doctor on care of a wound, specially try to contain its pure at an early phase of healing. A taint in a wound — The frequent parent of appearance of scars.

Learn, when it is necessary to remove sutures, as with period magnification the capability of entering of a taint increases.

Lead wound massage. Use a fluid containing an aloe or oil with reproduction vitamin, rubbing it in a skin round a wound.

This massage will enlarge a blood flow in neighbouring tanks.

Preserve the injured section against sun rays, specially at a wound on the person. The scar can sunbathe much more strongly, than an environmental skin therefore it becomes appreciable. Mount to the kid a hat with big fields that the wound remained in the shadow.

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Step maiden: promptly value a standing. If the child acyanotic, turned blue, does not breathe, immediately transfer to 2 step If you are not assured that respirations are not present, try to trap its signs.

Step second: strip a mouth of the child. Pull out any foreign objects, nutriment or a chewing gum. Do not work blindfold and drag only those subjects which one legiblly see. If in a mouth of the child vomiting or a fluid has collected, turn over it that it has flowed out. If you suspect that the child has choked, aggressively clap it on a back as it has been featured on with. 711.

Step third: suppose the child so that its respiratory tracts were straightened. The child lies on a back, a head — At heart level. Suppose one arm on a forehead of the child, and setpins of other arm — On a chin. Remove its tongue from a larynx rear side, having delayed a chin one arm (another is at this time on a forehead). The head of the child should be thrown back, but is not so strong, as it make at adults (it can superimpose respiratory tracts of the baby) — So-called stand for an inspiration a nose (make some inspirations a nose and note how much thus your head deflects hill up and forward). The rolled towel enclosed under a neck, usually yields the correct ducking. This corner is a little enlarged with the years the child. Your setpins which are holding down a chin of the child, should not push a throat; the same arm it is possible to sink an underlip that the mouth remained unclosed.

Step fourth: begin breath of companies in a mouth.

For babies about 1 year is elderly.

Straddle a mouth and a nose of the child your mouth and blow air with force, sufficient that its chest rose. (Blow air only from a mouth — More likely blow, than inhale, and shorter inspirations, than you usually breathe. Blowing too air considerable quantity in prompt tempo, you can damage lungs of the child, fan its maw and shut down breath or cause vomiting.) begin with 2 short inspirations. Look, a leah rises thus a chest of the child.

If it rises, means, its respiratory tracts are free also your engineering correct. Prolong breath of companies in a mouth while the child will not start to breathe self-contained. Tempo of aspiration — Through everyone 3 with (i.e. 20 times a minute)

If the chest of the child does not rise, enlarge pression, try to make stronger inspirations. If breath is not recovered, the chest of the child does not rise, was possiblly, its respiratory tracts are superimposed by the swallowed subject or a standing of a head the irregular. Iterate aspiration of companies in a mouth or immediately transfer to pohlopyvaniju on a back and pushing a chest — The method intended for extraction of a foreign body.

For children is higher 1 year. Suppress nares of the child index and major setpins and proofly nestle labiums on his lips. Arrive further how it is recommended for the babies who have not attained year.

Step the fifth: validate pulse of the child. Pulse appearance means that heart of the child works also an artificial respiration it is possible to cease. The elementary method of a presence of pulse at the child: to push a point on his hand inside, between an arm and an elbow. Other method — To try to palpate pulse on a neck. If the child does not have pulse, transfer to a following step.

Step sixth: begin chest squeezings. Suppose the child on a firm surface (on a floor or on desktop). Unbutton a jacket or take out it. Suppose 2-3 setpins on a chest, below a line bridging dummies (as shown for chest squeezings on with. 000). Lead chest squeezings (heart is on the right, more low) on depth from 0,5 to 1,5 in.s (1,52,5 sm) with frequency not less than 100 squeezings in a minute (it is possible to consider about itself: «both time and two, both time, and two …», telling "and" at downing and "time", "two" etc. — At pushing a chest, pace — Smooth without yanks. If you lead resuscitation self-contained, make to the child an artificial respiration of companies in a mouth after each 5th squeezing of heart, thus validate a standing of a head of the child and look behind, a leah rises its chest. Do not take away setpins between pushings (except for a time when make an artificial respiration).

If two wreckers work together, one compresses a chest, being shut down after each 5 squeezings that the second wrecker has made an artificial respiration of companies in a mouth

(Such co-ordination of movements and an artificial respiration happens usually at the trained wreckers).

Prolong to validate pulse each 5 mines, there will not arrive yet first aid. Shut down chest squeezings when the child will have a pulse, but prolong an artificial respiration of companies in a mouth while the kid will not start to breathe self-contained.

So, standards on resuscitation include:

AND — Refinement of respiratory tracts: correctly allocate a head of the child and strip respiratory tracts, having removed all foreign bodys superimposing them.

— Breath recovery: do breath of companies in a mouth or a mouth in a mouth and in a nose at the correct standing of a head of the child and with frequency 1 inspiration for 3 with.

IN — Recovery of circulation of blood: if you do not feel pulse or heart beat of the child, lead squeezings of a chest with frequency 100 in a minute.

G — First aid challenge: where you were, during 1-2 mines after an initiation of standards on resuscitation, it is necessary to cause first aid.

Odds in squeezings of a chest for babies of miscellaneous age

The newborn: was more friend a carry of squeezing of a chest, having clasped its two arms below axillas and to compress the extremities of thumbs (the picture see).

More foremen the child: use a palm of the arm for deeper squeezings, approximately on 1-1,5 in.s (2,5-3,5 sm), with frequency about 100 squeezings in a minute.

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The method of Helmicha is not recommended for children aged till 1 year.

If the child without consciousness. Suppose the child on a back on a firm surface (on a floor or on desktop). Rise about it from legs. To walk all over the child it is not recommended, as thus pushings are gained by too strong. Suppose a palm of one arm on the midpoint between a belly-button and ribs (be careful: do not press on a thorax downhole end as it can lead to cultivation of an internal), and on top — Other arm.

Make 6-10 prompt pushings in a direction inside and hill up. The less child, the motions should be more careful. If it does not help, delay tongue and a mandible as it has been featured above and if will see a foreign body, drag it (but not blindfold). If at you it it was not gained also the child does not breathe, use a method of breath of companies in a mouth (with. 714) also iterate pushings.

If the child in consciousness. Rise behind the choked child and hold down to itself, having clasped it for a waist. Clench one arm in a tappet and suppose it on a belly of the child so that the thumb was a little above a belly-button, but below the thorax extremity. Straddle a tappet other arm and sharply push a belly of the child in a direction inside and hill up, if needed iterate pushings of 6-10 times. Be careful: your kulak should not touch a thorax or ribs of the child.

In case of a first aid challenge …

In the event of accident you need to be given the first aid manager the following information.

Place, where you are (and the short specification statement how to drive if this place difficultly ours)

If there is nearby an earphone, its number

Name and age of the child

State of the child

Accident cause

If you are paralyzed by pavor, ask other person to gain operating instructions what to make, there will not arrive yet first aid.

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